Photo by Bella White on Pexels.com

“When I called you, you answered me; you greatly emboldened me.” Psalm 138:3 NIV

This is one of my favorite scriptures because so many times that is exactly what He has done for me. I was born again ten years ago and I’ll admit, I was not very bold or courageous. I was living a life I was never meant to live and I was so weak back then, I thought I couldn’t escape it. But….when I called on God, He answered and He gave me strength and courage to leave my situation. That’s why I chose “Greatly Emboldened” as the name of my blog.

I created this site for a few reasons. I will post things that God has done, devotions, scriptures, true life stories that give Him all the glory. Also, I hope to encourage others who might be in a similar situation. I want others to know that it doesn’t matter where you find yourself, what kind of mess you may think you have made of your life, God is still there waiting for you with open arms. Call on Him and He will answer.

Gina Barton Sewell